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PRISMA Business Strategies

Business Organisation

PRISMA is no corporate consultant in traditional terms.
Resulting from our longtime experience we have made it
our business to know about engineering, construction
and industrial companies. Benefit from our entrepreneurial knowledge and “limber up” your company’s organisation.

Human Resources Organisation

The following principle applies not only for projects but
also for companies: In order to be effective, each employee has to be at the right place. Rapidly changing market conditions demand flexible reactions also in the organisation of human resources. PRISMA analyses your company’s current situation and assists you during the implementation of necessary changes and adjustments. “A prophet has no honour in his own country.” – Another important reason to take advantage of the professional PRISMA support.

Support in M&A Transactions
The point in intended company acquisitions is to get

a picture of the future partner as fast and as detailed as possible. As far as our fields of activities are concerned, that is to say in engineering, construction and industrial matters, we can offer you useful advice
in the evaluation of especially operative business. The integration phase following each acquisition process is
of highest importance for a successful merger or
acquisition. The headstone for success already has to be
laid in the m&a process. Here, PRISMA offers useful advice.

Integration Management

After acquisition of a company or of company parts,
the integration is to be realised as quick and smooth
as possible. Manifold obstacles and objections of all parties are to be overcome to finally create a positive attitude. Only active attendance – appropriately by external and thus “neutral” PRISMA specialists –
assures a lasting and successful integration.

Interim Management

Do you need temporary company management

tiding your company over particular circumstances
or situations? Let’s talk about your individual case
together. We may be able (admittedly not in every
case) to help you with adequate assignment.

Privatisation of Public Functions

It makes sense to privatise some public functions.
Other functions, however, should better remain public. To achieve better competitiveness and transparency for these public functions, they should adopt a more private character. PRISMA evaluates the current situation on the basis of your aims and submits proposals concerning reorganisation measures and how to implement them.

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