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Special PRISMA Sectors

Urban Regeneration Management

There are numerous programs to make a town

become sustainable and adjust it to current requirements. Due to the commonly high number of parties in such a long-term project it is difficult to find an active core in the “concert” of all related persons. PRISMA provides you with motivated urban regene-
ration management making your visions come into
being with strategy and patience.

Controlling of International Development Projects

It has become common knowledge that pure credit

allocation or one-time major projects do not always
help developing countries. Placing contracts with national organisations and companies creates a higher rate of independence and thus a better development potential. Internationally experienced PRISMA engineers support you “on site” in the necessary allocation control.

Arbitration and Mediation

Court proceedings are long lasting and expensive.
Their result often barely differs from quicker and cheaper ways of agreement. PRISMA experts support you in arbitration and mediation proceedings. If you and your opponent agree, PRISMA experts are pleased to attend to your case and to bring it to a satisfactory end for both parties.

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