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PRISMA Project Strategies

Project Development Strategies

A project’s development phase aims at making final
decisions for the project execution. Influencing factors of the market, the site, the project issues and the financing matters are to be harmonised in that way
that a sustainably profitable item of property can
evolve. A good strategy and monitoring during a project’s development phase made by PRISMA ensures optimum design results and at the same time high economic efficiency and a continuous design process.

Project Organisation

“Many cooks spoil the broth!” This saying also applies
to projects. PRISMA develops – in close coordination with you – an effective project structure and process organisation. Thus, from the first day on, every project participant is well-positioned, knows his tasks and
rights and can bring his full manpower and experience into the project. “Frictional loss”, being the main
reason for delays and cost increase, can be avoided from the first day.

Project Structuring

It’s a long way to a perfect and successful project
completion. A project as a whole consists of numerous components of which each for itself implies many tasks and working processes. PRISMA project structuring provides for a clear and complete project classification system. Due to a systematic structure every single
part of the total project can be recorded and treated
in terms of the given aims. A documentation keeping in mind all aspects of the project can only be realised by means of a definite and systematic project structure.

Alternative Forms of Contract Awarding

The conventional form of awarding contracts by
assignment individual contractors for design, engineering, supply and construction has become more and more uncommon. The awarding of contracts in packages or to general contractors as well as project execution with partnering and investor models has become more and more frequent. PRISMA helps you
to early find a decision which form of contract award
is the best suited for you and your specific project.
To put your project options into practice, PRISMA engineers support you in the preparation and monitoring of the complete period of calling for bids.

Public Relations

An essential intention of a good project strategy is to
avoid frictional loss. PRISMA supports you in early and aim-oriented information of interested public and of participating parties and organisations. PRISMA ensures that the issued information is correct and sufficiently detailed and gets through to the right addressees. PRISMA is well-experienced in the organisation of public proceedings and events.

Privatisation and Outsourcing Advice

One of the most prevailing topics at the moment is
streamlining. Be it public authorities or private property owners, the necessity of ownership of property used by oneself is called into question. PRISMA provides you with the basics for making your decisions and judgements on the future handling of your property. In case of a planned handover to a third party, PRISMA supports you in finding an investor and in all subsequent phases leading to the handover.

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