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PRISMA Project Management

Project Management

Project management is one of the client’s original
tasks but also of the assigned contractors within their scope of work. Except for superordinate representation and decision functions, essential project management tasks can be assigned to PRISMA engineers. The PRISMA project management has your project – in close cooperation with you – under control from the first day on.

Project Steering

The PRISMA steering team is your project management’s
long arm during project development and in the day-to-
day business of the project realisation. As part of the
project management team, PRISMA arranges for precise
planning as well as tight control and management of
all upcoming tasks and measures. The experienced
PRISMA project engineers spot risks and potential
hindrances in sufficient time to meet these preventively.

Project Controlling

PRISMA project controlling is a partial task of PRISMA

project supervision. Project controlling helps you to create transparency in your project. A sound planning considering all project conditions and risks shows the way to reach the project targets. The actual project development is permanently supervised by the PRISMA project controlling team and an up-to-date reporting system gives a review of the general and detailed project status.

Project Controlling on Behalf of the User

Do you have your project built up by an outside
investor? Also in this case, terms of quality, functionality and the meeting of deadlines should be of interest to you. PRISMA safeguards your interests towards the investor, later lessor lease provider etc. The PRISMA project control lays the headstone of your favourite project realisation already in the very
important tender and contract awarding phase.

Risk Management

For the identification and evaluation of risks in your

project, great experience is indispensable. This also applies for the handling and prevention of the identified risks. PRISMA risk management actively attends to the project risks and thus avoids quality losses, delays and cost increases.

Contract and Claim Management

The contract is the basic directive in the project.

PRISMA contract management brings in manifold experiences already during contract formulation, negotiation and conclusion. Main task of PRISMA contract management is to control the contract
parties’ compliance with contractual regulations
and to enforce your founded claims. Potential
claims are handled and evaluated by means of
a consistent documentation and well-proven systematics.

Construction Management

PRISMA construction management covers all service units of project management, project control, risk management as well as contract and claim manage-
ment. By assigning PRISMA construction management,
completed by appropriate delegation of powers, you
put PRISMA in charge of the essential part of the operative day-to-day project business and responsibilities. In case of such a comprehensive assignment, we are willingly ready for success-oriented fee agreement.

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