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PRISMA Project Analysis

Evaluation of Conceptual Design

The most costly decisions are made during the develop-
ment phase of a project. This also applies to design and technical project matters. PRISMA analyses your design concept regarding profitability and adequacy to the destined use. PRISMA points out to and arranges for potential alternatives. Consequently, an optimised concept can be achieved in a moderately short period.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Do you plan the acquisition or disposal of property or need information about the reconstruction and maintenance expenses to be due? The PRISMA engineers “x-ray” your property in all technical aspects. The documentation and assessment of the analysis results provide you with valuable and tangible facts necessary for further decisions concerning your real estate portfolio.

Risk Identification and Assessment

Risks of many kinds are involved in a new construction

project but also in the purchase of property. They
arise from the project environment, the functional and technical specifications as well as especially from organisational and contractual circumstances. The
long-time project experience of the PRISMA engineers
is decisive for the identification and professional evaluation of existing risks. Standardised check lists help systemise risk assessment.

Feasibility Studies

Preparative feasibility studies include considerations
about alternative, conceptional design as well as results of TDD and risk assessment. If necessary, further experts’ studies are involved. You as a client are well advised to put the generalist PRISMA in charge of your feasibility studies and thus ensure an effective and goal-oriented involvement of specialist engineers and experts.

Project Environment and Stakeholder Analysis

Projects are often caught in a crossfire of so-called
unforeseen influences. The origin of such influences may arise from market conditions, unchangeable project site parameters or fixed alliances with project parties and involved persons. A comprehensive analysis considering the network of all project circumstances helps to avoid unforeseen surprises which are actually predictable.

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